Earth and Space Sciences

Changes to the Earth’s Surface (2, 5)

Erosion, weathering, volcanoes, earthquakes.

Earth’s Systems K-2 link
Videos and such about landforms, water, and soil for K-2.

Earth’s Systems 3-5 link
Videos and such about water, volcanoes, etc. for 3-5.

Tectonic Forces link
Video explaining the concept of tectonic plates.

Soil link
Information and activities about soil.

Fossils (4)

Formation, relative dating, comparison species.

How Fossils Work
What fossils are, how they formed, and what they tell us.

Sun and Moon System (1, 4, 6)

Moon phases.

Lunar Phase Simulator link
Simply the best lunar phase simulator.

Moon Phase Simulation link
Physically model the causes of the phases of the moon.

Moon Phase Observation Journal link
Graphic organizer for recording moon observations for a month.


Seasons Simulator
Shows the angle of sunlight hitting different places on Earth across the year.

Changing Position of the Sun link
Videos showing the Sun moving across the sky.

Earth in the solar system.

A simulated planetarium, allowing you to view changes in the sky and control the time.

If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel link
Simulation to show the scale of the solar system.

Planets App
Simulation of the rotating Earth and other planets.

Embodying Earth’s place in the solar system on NSTA
A model for showing why the sky changes over course of a year.

Weather (K, 2, 3, 5, 6)

Clouds, forms of precipitation, water cycle, global weather patterns.

How Weather works
Activities and information for teachers about weather and climate.

Weather Resources for K-2 link
Videos and such about weather for K-2.

Weather Resources for 3-5 link
Videos and such about weather for 3-5.

A Reason to Care About Cloud Types link
Predicting weather using clouds.